Application Forms 2014-02-28T11:18:08+00:00

For many companies the application form has replaced the traditional CV and covering letter because they are a standardised way for employers to collect key information from applicants without having to trawl through hundreds of CVs and covering letters in varying formats, font sizes and styles.

It may ask for much of the same information as on a CV such as your name, address, your school and university, grades and employment history. Application forms often include a particular kind of question known as competency questions and they may ask you to describe specific details of past experiences in some detail, eg ‘Tell me about a time when you used your ‘initiative’.

Before you submit your form:

  • Read it over a few times to check for spelling and grammatical errors – these are one of the most common reasons applications are rejected
  •  Ask your friends, family or teachers to proofread it
  • Check you’ve filled in all the boxes that are relevant to you
  • Print out the finished form so that you have a record of what you’ve written. You’ll need to be able to refer back to it at the interview stage.