Opportunities with EY

for Year 11s, Year 12s, Year 13s

EY Business Academy

If you’re already considering an alternative to university, this programme will help you build the skills needed for a head start on the EY Business Apprenticeship. The EY Business Academy balances on-the-job experience with business skills sessions. You’ll be a valued of part of a team of world-class professionals, helping to make a difference to EY’s clients and their businesses. The EY Business Academy is a great way to work out whether the EY Business Apprenticeship is right for you.

Over the course of one-week you’ll learn fast and experience more on the EY Business Academy, supporting on real work for real clients. That means you’ll be a valued of part of a team of world-class professionals, helping to make a difference to EY’s clients and their businesses. Not long ago EY’s trainees were in your shoes, weighing up their options. You’ll learn from their experience at EY so far, getting a more accurate picture of what it’s like to work with a global professional services firm like EY. Working alongside school leavers completing the EY Business Apprenticeship will help you decide whether you’re ready to follow in their footsteps.


You must be in year 12/5th year completing 3 A levels, 5 Highers or equivalent qualifications


To apply, please click follow this link: https://ukcareers.ey.com/schools/our-programmes/programmes-for-school-leavers/ey-business-academy/

Discover EY – A Career in Business (Year 11)

Discover EY is a one-day experience that will explain the sector of professional services and its place in the world of business.

You’ll discover your strengths and why they are an important part of EY’s recruitment process, and you’ll have the opportunity to meet some of EY’s apprentices who are currently working and studying towards their professional qualification with EY. Discover EY is a great opportunity for you to find out what working life is like, and to help you decide whether EY is the right choice for you to start your career in business.

At the end of the day EY will share information on the other programmes they offer school leavers, so you’ll be able to leave  feeling empowered and ready to take the next step, wherever that might take you.

Who can apply?

You will have an interest in a future career in business, and be open to exploring alternatives to university such as the EY Business Apprenticeship.

To start an application to attend Discover EY – A Career in Business, you should currently be in Year 11 studying towards your GCSEs or equivalents. You will also be planning to continue your studies to complete 3 A-Levels or equivalent qualifications after you’ve completed your GCSEs.

Before you start your application we would advise that you read the advice from EY recruiter Harriet Jones on ‘How to Ace the Application Process’.


This programme will be delivered in our London office in February 2017.

EY will cover your travel expenses to attend and refreshments will be provided throughout the day.


Places are filled on a rolling basis. To apply, please follow this link: http://ukcareers.ey.com/schools/our-programmes/programmes-for-school-leavers/discover-ey/

EY Choices Evening

You’ll be amazed what you can learn in such a short space of time. The EY Choices open evenings show school leavers what life’s like at a leading global business like EY, so you can decide whether EY is the right place for you to start your career. We’ll help you to understand how you can make better decisions about your future career, explain the different options available at EY and you’ll get to meet some of their current trainees and senior people. Wherever you go next, it’s a great way to begin your journey.

Find more details including dates and locations here: http://ukcareers.ey.com/schools/events-and-contacts/events/face-to-face-events/?

EY Business Apprenticeship

If you’re ready to start your career in the workplace and keen to avoid student debt then apply to join the EY Business Apprenticeship.

This new training programme lets you join EY straight after school or college — just as some of their our directors and partners did. You’ll go straight into a full-time job with a starting salary of up to £21,500, giving you independence and responsibility — without going to university first. When you qualify, you’ll have the same professional qualification you’d normally study for after university, and you’ll earn this sooner than a graduate, with the same career options to look forward to.

You’ll be given challenging work on a diverse range of projects and clients, developing a host of transferable skills, and receive on-the job coaching to support you and ensure that you reach your potential. And with opportunities across the UK, you’ll receive the same world-class training and experience no matter which UK office you join.


If you are currently at school/college, you must be completing 3 A levels, 5 Highers or equivalent qualifications.

If you are now working, you must have attained 3 A levels, 5 Highers or equivalent qualifications.

Which area of the business is right for you?

EY currently offer opportunities on the EY Business Apprenticeship in 3 areas of the business. Whichever you join, you’ll have the opportunity to drive lasting change and help build a better working world from day one. Find out which one is best for you:

  • EY Business Apprenticeship – Assurance
  • EY Business Apprenticeship – Tax
  • EY Business Apprenticeship – Transactions

To start the application process follow this link: https://ukcareers.ey.com/schools/our-programmes/programmes-for-school-leavers/the-ey-business-apprenticeship/about-ey-business-apprenticeship/

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