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The Pros

  • Gain a professional qualification
  • Earn a competitive salary
  • Get first-hand, real experience with professionals
  • No student debt
  • Many graduates are leaving university and struggling to find a job
  • Go onto higher education later in life
  • There is less competition for places at school-leaver level than graduate level
  • Be independent, not reliant on loans
  • Some companies offer the chance to try different areas of the business
  • Receive extensive training by leading professionals in a structured programme
  • Some companies offer students the chance to study part-time at university and gain a degree alongside working

The Cons

  • University gives the opportunity to study a chosen subject in great detail
  • University provides students with more time to consider their career options
  • You can sample a variety of career options through work placements while you are a student
  • There will be more opportunity for socialising
  • At university there are considerably longer holidays
  • University societies and clubs develop extra-curricular interests such as theatre, sport etc.

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