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Starting university can feel a little daunting at first. You’re away from home for the first time, you’re suddenly responsible for everything that happens, the money situation and you’ve got to wash your own clothes! We’ve compiled some of the best advice for people that are looking to start university for the first time.

Learn to Cook

It seems a little trivial in the grand scheme of things that you would have to cook your own food or that it appears in our best tips for you, but it is absolutely required. You’ll have a lot of budget-eating (See below) and you’ll have to learn how to cook some of the food that you have. Also living off of pizza and Chinese takeaways every night will probably wreak havoc on your stomach and isn’t altogether that healthy, it also won’t be too much money to be able to make your favourite food either.

Budget! Budget! Budget!

It’s so important when you get to university to learn how to budget. Living on a budget isn’t too difficult when you actually work out the essentials that you need. The best way to do that is by looking at the week ahead and budgeting accordingly for it. Maybe set yourself a budget of £30-a-week, this will mean that you won’t overspend. Money is so important at university, especially when you have your student loan to pay and you have your own food to buy as well.


Look into the possibility of getting a job at university too. Not only will it mean that you have work experience on your CV, it will also mean that you have an additional source of income too! This is particularly useful because (As listed above) if you’re budgeting, you can now increase it slightly, add it to the savings or can go some way towards getting your student loan paid off too. A job can be a fantastic way of mixing things up too, if you’re doing too much revision then you’ve got a way of keeping yourself sane too!

Communication is Key

If you’re going to be sharing a house or something with other students, it’s a good idea speak to them first. The best thing to do is don’t buy any kitchen appliances before you go to university, the reason for this? You won’t know what you need until you get there anyway. For example, you bring the cutlery, your other housemates can bring the toaster, the microwave, the kettle etc..

Be Sociable

It’s very important when at university that you interact with your fellow students. The more people that you interact with the more friendships that you’ll form! Making friends is always a big problem for people and a very big fear, but going out and meeting people can eliminate that fear almost immediately. Being yourself and being sociable and friendly is all you need. Do all of those and you should be absolutely fine!

Don’t Overpack

Think about what it is you’re packing, if you pack too much, then not only is it a pain to wash, it’s also a pain because you’ll have so much stuff with you that when you eventually go back home or end up changing accommodation you’ll have untold amounts of rubbish to carry! Carefully organise your essentials and then build up from there. Anything that isn’t essential or isn’t going to help you or anyone else should stay at home, don’t ever bring stuff that you don’t need!

Remember You’re Not Alone

Remember that your fellow classmates are all in the same boat as you! It’s important to remember; not only is it crucial for you to know that you’re not alone, it’s also important that your fellow students are aware that you’re all feeling the same things too. Remember that you’re all there to do something with your life and gain some perspective and hopefully get the job of your dreams at the end of it! The most important advice that we can possibly offer is have fun, it may be the best three years of your life and if you ever need help you can always ask or you can look online, help is always at hand.

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Thanks for reading and good luck!