Monday, 1st September marked a big milestone in the PP calendar. We grew from a two-people team (yes, that’s right – we are a two-people team) to four, and we are super excited about our new recruits. We felt it only fair to give them a chance to introduce themselves to our followers and to share their experiences of working for us.

First up, we have Dan Fielding, Project Manager at PP. He is a law graduate from the University of Leeds and former President of the law society. We had the pleasure of meeting Dan last summer when he was a mentor on the Pathways to Law Conference and were impressed by his can-do attitude. Here are a few words from Dan:

After 17 years in full-time education, this week, my life has changed! I have finally started full-time employment, and with that, the theme of this week has certainly been ‘new’.

I have moved to a new city, settled into a new home, and have started a new job. All of these things mean that with every hour I learn something new, see something new or meet somebody new. Whilst I have worked with the Pure Potential team before, there are new people in the office who have made me feel incredibly welcome, kept me amused and provided me with cake – so there really are no complaints there!

What have I been doing? There has been lots to learn, and lots to take in. This of course, has meant that some things have taken me longer than expected, and I haven’t gotten everything right first time, but I am certainly enjoying learning how things work in the world of work.

2015 will be Pure Potential’s tenth year, so it is a very exciting time for me to be joining the team. Much of the work I have been doing has been focused on collating information and gathering contacts to make sure that the work Pure Potential, sponsors and students have engaged in over the past decade is celebrated in the best possible way!

What am I looking forward to? Having completed just four full days in my new position, I feel as though I have a lot to look forward to. Most of all, I am excited to manage Pure Potential events and working with our sponsors to come up with even more ways that professionals can work with students to ensure they maximise their potential.

Next up we have Brooke Young, a former student at the Bridge Academy in Hackney. Since 2012, Pure Potential has been working in partnership with UBS to support the Bridge Academy sixth formers with applying to university and securing work. It was here that we first met Brooke, a confident 16-year old who had a great, personable manner. In a random conversation, she mentioned that she was interested in events and asked if she could get some work experience with us. I said yes of course and the rest is history, as they say! Brooke has just finished sixth form and has joined the PP team as a school leaver. Here are a few words from Brooke:

Having just finished sixth form in July, this is my first ever job so my initial day was quite nerve-racking! Sibyl and Binda however were on-hand to help and I soon got the hang of things. I started at the same time as Dan, which was great – I knew that I wasn’t the only newbie. My confidence has grown throughout the week and it’s good to be a part of the new team from day one.

I had the opportunity to intern with Pure Potential over the summer and I was so pleased that I was able to come back as a full time member of staff and develop my skills and knowledge. So far, I have faced a few challenges, but adjusting to the fast pace at which everyone works and transitioning from the sixth form to the world of work are definitely two of the big ones, but I am a hard worker and full of enthusiasm so I am sure that I will settle in very soon.

I am really looking forward to engaging with the organisations which support Pure Potential; it will allow me to broaden my connections but more importantly develop my networking and communication skills. I am sure that there will be many challenges to overcome, but I am going to give it my all and complete every task with a smile. 🙂