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UCAS Adjustment allows students with better than expected results to effectively ‘upgrade’ their course and university. Leading institutions such as Exeter, Durham, Warwick, Birmingham, Sheffield, UCL and King’s College London have all accepted students via Adjustment.

If you have done better in your A-Levels than you expected, congratulations! It is possible for you to apply for another university without losing your secure offer.

The process called Adjustment begins on A-Level results day.  From the moment that your offer is confirmed by your first choice university, you have five days to try to secure an offer from another university.

You will be able to see exactly when your individual Adjustment period ends on the Track ‘Choices’ page on UCAS.

How it works, step-by-step

  • When you get your results, a ‘Register for Adjustment’ button will appear on your UCAS Track page
  • This will allow the universities you contact to view your whole application
  • Find out which universities are offering places through Adjustment via their websites
  • Shortlist suitable courses and then phone the university admissions department to discuss your application
  • If you are successful they will contact you directly, and update UCAS Track
  • By accepting the offer through Track you may no longer be able to go back to your original offer so only do this if you are certain

Things to think about:

Because you will be accepting a new university offer at such a late stage in the year, you might be at the back of the queue for student accommodation, and student finance might be affected too. It would be good to discuss accommodation and finance issues when you phone up the admissions department of the university you wish to apply to. Here are some other points you should think about:

  • If you are happy with the course at the university you originally chose, stick with it
  • Investigate the course content… a course with the same name could have a different structure, different assessment methods and cover completely different topics to your original course
  • You will not be judged on grades alone, your whole UCAS application will be taken into consideration, and you’ll be up against competition from other students going through the process, so you may be unsuccessful