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UBSIn 2010, Pure Potential teamed up with leading financial services firm UBS to recognise the achievements of students who were not only academically outstanding, but were engaging in community projects, raising money for charities and positively contributing to their schools and families. Pure Potential and UBS have celebrated the achievements of over 300 students from across the UK through the UBS Award for Outstanding Students.

Each year, students are invited to attend an Awards ceremony in London where we showcase their talents and achievements. Students also participate in a networking skills workshop and have the chance to network with a range of staff at UBS over drinks and canapés.


“I am grateful for being recognised not just for academic grades, but my all round efforts and achievements. There are few such opportunities at school for that, and I am very thankful to both Pure Potential and UBS.”

“It is not often that you get the chance to discuss things related to careers/universities with enthusiastic individuals willing to give up their time! It was great how informal all the organisers were and the positivity with which the talks were delivered made it such an enjoyable event.”

“I still remember receiving the news that I had been selected – it was a couple of days before I had to submit my university application to school, and so I was able to include it in my personal statement which I am incredibly grateful for.”

UBS approached Pure Potential with a brief – they wanted to engage with the UK’s most talented state and college students. We put our thinking caps on and the UBS Award for Outstanding Students was the outcome of our creativity. If you are interested in working with our students, teachers and parents in a bespoke way, please contact us for more information on how we can help.