school_leavers_v2Today’s students are faced with a wider array of post-18 options than ever before and it is crucial that they are making informed decisions about their career options.

It is important that school leaver programmes are not considered a less respectable choice than a degree course, or a back-up option for students who miss out on a university place. Since the sharp rise in tuition fees, prestigious, global companies from a number of industries have been quick to create opportunities for sixth formers that provide salaries, intense training, employability skills, relevant contacts, and in some cases formal qualifications.

Forward-thinking, savvy and career-minded students have jumped at the chance to kick-start their careers and bypass university and student debt to start earning now – a smart move given the global economic recession. For many students university degrees, gap years, vocational courses or training will be their right pathway, but these pages will point those sixth formers looking for alternatives to university in the right direction.

We work with a number of school leaver providers to encourage students to explore their options. We met Matt Green at our 2013 PP: School Leavers event and introduced him to the world of school leaver programmes. Matt has gone on to achieve some amazing things. Check out his story in our short video below.